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Is self-check out at the supermarket faster?

Last year, my classmate Laurie Rossi and I did a project for a stats class where we timed a bunch of supermarket checkouts to determine which was faster. Waiting in line for a cashier or heading to a kiosk. We came up with some interesting findings: Never use the kiosk if you have more than [...]

Inside the Mind of Google

As part of my Information Systems class, I had to watch this video and do a short write-up. This video gives a pretty in depth look at Google. It starts by taking a look at corporate culture, does a deep-dive on the privacy issue, takes a look at the shift toward mobile devices, how small [...]

AT&T and the iPhone

Do you think AT&T is to blame for all of the iPhone’s problems? Think again. As part of a project for a marketing class, I did an investigation and found some eye-opening data. I have found independent test reports that show AT&T’s data network is superior to Verizon’s and that the iPhone has several engineering [...]

I’ve officially been published in academia

I am the first student to be published in the Graziadio business report blog. Normally, it is faculty only, so I’m pretty jazzed up about it. Feel free to check it out. Could Private Deposit Insurance Stabilize the Banking System?

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