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AIDS/Lifecycle 2013: A life changing experience

AIDS/Lifecycle is an event I have always wanted to do. I had heard such great things about it from those that did it in the past, so I had high expectations. After completing the ride, my expectations were exceeded beyond my wildest imagination. Words can not really describe what this ride was like, but I [...]

Giro Air Attack Shield: An in-depth review.

There has been a lot of talk about the new Giro Air Attack helmet. Giro claims it will make you faster and I have noticed a few of them popping up on the noggins of various South Bay wankers. I had a coupon for an on-line bike shop that was already having a sale on [...]

Back in the saddle again…

Back in December, I felt my back had finally healed up enough that I could resume one of my great passions, Cycling. I started by riding my bike on the stationary trainer for a few weeks. Once I was confident that my back would not give me trouble, I got back out on the road. [...]

Cloud Computing for non-techies

Here is a presentation I give both at work and for MBA Information Technology classes. In this 38 minute presentation, I explain virtualization and cloud using analogies. The aim is to explain what they are in non-technical terms and go into the benefits and risks from a business perspective. Cloud and Virtualization for “Non-Techies” from [...]

Photo Project: Tire smoking touchdowns

I have really taken an interest in photographing airplanes, especially given I live less than a mile from LAX. There is no shortage of interesting planes from all over the world. Even Air Force One visits regularly: Instead of just shooting photos of planes, I decided to work on a couple of projects. The first [...]

Latest photos of Sydney

Here are some of the best photos I have shot of Sydney. She really is growing up fast.

Dodgers Season Ticket Open House

We went to Dodger Stadium to pick out our seats today. We also got an impromptu tour of the stadium by the sales rep, so I got some great photos. The rep pointed out the sign for the umpire’s room is the only sign at the stadium with braille on it! We snagged an awesome [...]

The sunsets keep getting better…

I thought the last sunset photos I took were pretty cool, but the ones I got last night were almost surreal. Check ‘em out

Another gorgeous LA Sunset

I am so fortunate to live 3 minutes away from views like this. When I saw the clouds and the sky turning red, I knew I had to grab my camera and jump in the car. Glad I did…

Photoshop fun

I have been playing around with Photoshop a bit. Here are a couple photo merges I’ve done:

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