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Lakers vs. Pistons Photos

Snagged some 9th row Laker tickets last night and I got some great shots. I really love going to the games. Too bad you have to mortgage your house to be able to afford season tickets.

Disneyland Dec 2010 Photos

Even as a kid, I was not a huge fan of Disneyland, but lately I have become I huge fan. I think having a daughter who is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and all the Disney Princesses has something to do with it. Whenever she sees the Disney logo with the castle in it, Sydney always [...]

Nice day for a trip to the park…

As everyone on the east coast is digging out of a blizzard, we got to enjoy a day at the park. I think Sydney enjoyed it the most! I got to play with my new Sigma 10-20mm wide angle, though I got a lot of flare from the sun. I also realized how awesome the [...]

Sunrise after a rainy day

The sunrise here in LA on Dec 26 was beautiful. It rained the night before so it was clear with just enough residual clouds to create some gorgeous colors. Check out the snow on the mountains and the panorama shot I made by stitching 3 photos together. These photos were shot on the bluffs above [...]

Christmas 2010

Sydney really enjoyed Christmas. This was the first year she was old enough to really know what was going on and to her it was PRESENTS!! Here are some photos:

Is losing a lifetime customer worth $10?

I have been a customer of Toys R Us for 33 years. I have fond childhood memories of begging my mom to take me down to Toys R Us in Culver city to buy me some Legos. Now that I have a daughter, I thought it was kind of cool that I can now take [...]

TSA Madness: Media Hype vs. Reality

I have been watching the press coverage about the body scanners and the pat downs. I am not a fan of either though I would opt out of the body scan only because they do put out X-ray radiation and until I see an independent medical review (not one done by a government agency), I [...]

Halloween 2010

I know I am so late in posting about halloween but I have not had time to do much blogging lately. Normally, I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but this year Syndey was old enough to pick out her own costume and go trick or treating. We had so much fun. Here are [...]

My Presentation Skills tips posted on my school’s web site

Go to Pepperdine’s Student Blog to check it out:

It is so nice to get away.

I have been so busy with work and school. I did not get to spend time with my family, which was really stressing me out. I booked a getaway to Palm Springs, shut off my work email and did no studying for school whatsoever. It was so worth it. As busy as we are, we [...]

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