Inside the Mind of Google

As part of my Information Systems class, I had to watch this video and do a short write-up.

This video gives a pretty in depth look at Google. It starts by taking a look at corporate culture, does a deep-dive on the privacy issue, takes a look at the shift toward mobile devices, how small businesses are benefiting from Google AdWords and concludes with a look at how organizations are taking advantage of Google App Engine to deploy their apps in the cloud. Allow me to share a few thoughts about some of the issues brought up in the video.

Google is a testament to the power of a good idea and keeping it simple. Larry Page and Sergei Brin came up with a simple concept as grad student and it became more successful than they ever conceived. What truly sets them apart is that, in an age of complexity, Google keeps things simple. Another differentiator is how they are able to attract top talent by a corporate culture based on fun.

Perhaps the biggest issue Google faces is related to ethics and privacy. I am always amazed at why most people never stop to ask why services like Google or Facebook are free to users. As the video points out, the price is your privacy. Google retains a lot of information and while they claim they anonymize, but the bottom line is, as the video points out, that if one were to take all of this info and combine it with other info, the data is not lo longer anonymous. CEO Eric Schmidt’s answer “If you don’t want people to know what you are doing, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.” I find that to be an awfully arrogant statement. Does Schmidt really think all our activities should be made public?  Luckily, as Schmidt point out, that if they did use their data against people, they would lose their customers.

Google has fundamentally shifted the balance of power in computing away from Microsoft. No one was ever able to challenge Microsoft in the desktop applications space, until Google changed the paradigm from apps installed on PC’s to apps running from the cloud on a variety of devices. Next up, Google will use the cloud paradigm to begin chipping away at Microsoft’s bread and butter, desktop and server operating systems. Android and ChromeOS are simple, lightweight operating systems that are powered by the cloud. Consumer are getting tired of complex and convoluted traditional desktop OS’s and people are going to begin migrating away from them. At least Apple is shifting their focus away from MacOS towards their simpler iOS. Unfortunately, Microsoft kept riding the desktop gravy train a little too long and we might be witnessing the beginning of their downfall.

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