Back in the saddle again…

Back in December, I felt my back had finally healed up enough that I could resume one of my great passions, Cycling.

I started by riding my bike on the stationary trainer for a few weeks. Once I was confident that my back would not give me trouble, I got back out on the road. I am averaging around 200 miles/week and have reached 1500 miles so far this year. I have a goal to ride over 7000 miles this year. Here is a chart of my weekly mileage so far:

I have been taking advantage of the incredible winter weather we have been having here in LA. While I sometimes will do a quick “lunch hour” ride during the day, I have been doing most of my rides very early in the morning. I can get 30-45 miles in before 7:30am and I get to enjoy some gorgeous sunrises. Plus there is usually no wind that early and very few cars on the road. Even though it is very dark that early, I have plenty of light thanks to my NiteRider MiNewt 600. It is about the size of a small flashlight and is as bright as a motorcycle headlight.

I will keep updating this blog with my progress and I have embedded a widget to the right which catalogs all my rides. Below are some photos I have taken from the road:

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